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Exchange 2003出現錯誤訊息 c1030af0 不指定

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在Exchange 2003 進入管理界面要管理公用資料夾時出現

HTTP 要求格式無效,因此作業失敗。請驗證此主機標頭對該虛擬伺服器而言是正確的。
Exchange 系統管理員

Error ID number: c1030af0
Error Message

The operation failed due to an invalid format in the HTTP request. Verify that the host header is correct for the virtual server.

Possible Causes

This error can occur if you have multiple IP addresses bound to the network card on the Exchange server and you have the default Web site bound to the secondary IP address.

An invalid host header or IP address has been set for the default Web site

Incorrect IP addresses or host header is set on the cluster virtual server.


Try setting the default Web site to All Unassigned and then reopen the ESM and try to expand public folders.

Correct the host header value or remove it completely.

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