Jul 10

hMailserver 5.3 繁體中文語言檔 不指定

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Sep 11
例如檔名為 logincmd.bat

net use m: \\mails\財務部 /y
net use o: \\mails\開發部 /y
net use p: \\mails\專案 /y

在Server 這個資料夾

xxx.com.tw << 你的網域名稱
May 12
VMWare Server從Guest 連線至HOST分享的檔案時會出現檔案毀損...

Host 的作業系統是 Windows Server 2003
Guest 的作業系統為 Windows Server 2003  / Windows XP


http://kb.vmware.com...stateId=1 0 19462003
This error is seen because the VMware virtual bridge can operate at any speed and is constrained only by the processing power of the host computer's processor. When traffic is sent from the guest to the host it can be sent at very fast speeds.  Windows Server 2003 includes security features that interpret network requests at speeds above a specified limit as denial of service attacks. In response, Windows Server 2003 disconnects the client — in this case, the guest VM.  Once it is disconnected Windows will not allow it to connect again.

There are several ways you can avoid such disconnections. Use the one that is most convenient in your environment.

Use the bandwidth limiting feature of VMware Workstation 5 (this workaround does not apply to GSX Server). Using a text editor, add two lines to the configuration (.vmx) file of the affected virtual machine.

If the physical Ethernet adapter on the host computer is running at 100Mbps, use the following two lines:

If the physical Ethernet adapter on the host computer is running at 10Mbps, use the following two lines:

In both examples above, the setting affects the virtual machine's first virtual Ethernet adapter (ethernet0). To modify the setting for a second virtual Ethernet adapter, substitute ethernet1. For a third virtual Ethernet adapter, use ethernet2.

This approach increases the load on the host computer's processor and may affect performance.

Disable large send offload in the network settings for the physical Ethernet adapter on the host computer. Note: This is host operating system dependent, not a VMware setting.

This approach increases the load on the host computer's processor and may affect performance.

Use a gigabit switch. Connecting the host computer's network adapter to a gigabit switch helps because the bridge cannot produce traffic that exceeds the 1000Mbps speed of the switch. This workaround provides the highest throughput when you copy large files.

Change the configuration of the virtual machine to use host-only networking. This change is simple to make and may be appropriate for some virtual machines.

Disable or change the Windows Server 2003 settings on the host to disable the security feature.  Note: this may increase the security risk of the host as it affects connections to external hosts as well.  See: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/898468 for instructions on how to do this.

VMware GSX Server 3.x (Windows hosts)  
VMware Server 1.0.x (Windows Hosts)  
VMware Workstation 5.0.x (Windows hosts)  
VMware Workstation 5.5.x (Windows hosts)  
VMware Workstation 6.0.x (Windows Hosts)

1.設定網路卡 關閉-Offload TCP largeSend  <<失敗>>
2.限制網路卡最大頻寬 為100Mbps <<成功>>
Sep 16

Sep 12

Syslog 記錄系統的記錄 不指定

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由於安全性的考量.....記錄Log 是一個很重要的東西...反正記錄下來就對了
Google 找的大多是使用 Linux 來當 Syslog Server
找了一下免費而且For Win的軟體來使用
記錄Log + 分析 Log 都是免費軟體 KIWI 這家公司真是佛心來的

對了 log 的翻譯是記錄
那 Record Log => 記錄記錄
Apr 17
這個問題應該算是一個bug吧 ,我用 ~ 都會有這樣的問題

設定的時間又花了我 2hrs..
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